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Commonwealth Estate Sales, LLC, is here to help you simplify life’s transitions and quickly liquidate your estate (or the estate of a recently passed loved one) while getting you top dollar for furniture, collectibles, antiques, and household items.  We want to be your first choice for any estate liquidation needs, personal property organization needs, and consigning your unique antiques, furniture, collectibles, and family treasures.

Our Process

Our Mission

Hi!  I’m Adam, I operate Commonwealth Estate Sales.  My goal is to provide you with premier services at paramount value.  We have lower overhead costs than most of the competition, so we can offer customized assistance with distinguished quality.  Because you have more important responsibilities, I am here to help make your life easier when you need to liquidate and monetize tangible goods...

Meet Adam, Owner and Founder

“Simplifying Life’s Transitions”

Based out of South Richmond, we primarily serve: Richmond, Charlottesville, Fredericksburg, Northern VA/DC, Williamsburg, Lynchburg, Winchester, and all areas in between. Contact us and we’ll discuss your options!  We host estate/moving sales + commercial sales at your residence or place of business to sell off furnishings, antiques, art, collectibles, household goods, business assets/inventory, vehicles, tools, machinery , electronics, equipment, and more.

Locally Owned and Operated

Serving All of VA & More

Visit our consignment gallery to see a few pictures of items available through BUYUNIQUEANTIQUES.COM, our consignment website!

Contact us for your liquidation needs!!  For consignment info visit and our eBay listings (buyuniqueantiques).

Our desire to make things easy for you and your family, our unique services, and our  process is what separates us from  from the competition.

To complement our Estate Sale Service and increase sales for you, WE DELIVER!  This creates added value for our clients and customers.  We have additional service offerings including “Organization and Valuation” and “Concierge Buying”.

We offer tailored services with superior value...

Services and Pricing

Don’t wait, give us a call!  We can arrange a consultation to plan your estate sale or discuss our other services.

Please call and/or email us to arrange a consultation...

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Late Summer 2018

Our Consignment Gallery:

Upcoming Events

Join our CONTACT LIST to receive special offers, event updates, and more…  Send an email with the subject “Join”, include your name, email address, phone number, and mailing address (phone number and address are optional but preferred, we will not text message ads to you) to  Please feel free to indicate any specific services you may be interested in, or any specific antiques, furniture, or items you collect.  We may be able to notify you if we spot any of those items!

“Why Have an Estate/Moving Sale (or Commercial Estate Sale)?”

-You need to sell a newly inherited house or your own home sell the assets inside it.

-A relative passes and you need to liquidate & monetize tangible items you’ve inherited.

-You are downsizing or moving and don’t want to bring unneeded items and clutter with you.

-You are selling or moving your business and assets need to be sold off.

-You are closing your business or a closed business needs to liquidate assets to payoff debts.

-An elderly relative needs to liquidate household goods to move into an assisted care facility.

-Monetize your tangible property into cash and weather the storm of the tough economy.

        “What Can You Do With the Money?”

-Pay assisted living expenses for elderly or disabled relatives.

-Cover funeral costs and debts when a loved one passes.

-Payoff additional debts including medical bills and loans.

-Offset moving expenses and other travel costs.

-Start a new business, or expand your current business  by buying property, inventory, or equipment.

-Buy new appliances or furniture, finance home improvements, a vacation, or an even bigger purchase like a car.

-Save money for a rainy day.

-Anything else worthwhile which benefits you, your family, and your friends.

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Bon Air:  Saturday Sept. 8 and Sunday Sept. 9, 2018, 930a-330p on both days.

“I didn't have to worry about anything because he handled the entire process… At the end, he had successfully helped me downsize my home and clear floor space so I wouldn't risk falling and injuring myself further.  As an added bonus, I have extra money to put towards my medical bills.” -Jo D. Client Testimonial


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Organization & De-Cluttering

Discount taken off regular priced half day or full day service (up to 3 days).

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FREE Consultation

Moving, Estate, or Business

Call 804-858-4903 to discuss your liquidation needs.  You get our pro recommendation on your next steps.

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