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Always busy?  Dislike hunting for what you need?  Looking for a particular item, style, or hard to find valuable?  We can help you find any item: vehicles, furnishings, fine art, business inventory, and more.  We can even furnish a whole room or home for you on either a preset budget (fees included) or on a “find and buy” basis.  Contact us for more info!

Concierge Buying is our online consignment website.  Simple and convenient for you, your items will sell in a manner tailored and appropriate for what you need sold.  We can provide an online auction setting as BuyUniqueAntiques may sell your items through eBay.  We also offer additional sales methods and  auction placement services once we have an optimal monetization strategy.


We provide onsite estate (tag) sales at your residential or commercial location including broom clean-up.  Optional services include arranging storage, moving services, referrals to related professionals, and full scale clean-up efforts.

-STANDARD RATES: Done as commission % of $ sold, and negotiated based on several factors and optional services.  Call 804.858.4903 for more info.

Residential & Commercial Estate Sales

We provide delivery services to estate sale customers!!  This unique competitive advantage helps buyers obtain items they could not otherwise manage, and also helps sellers sell!  With our manpower, you can relax while we do the work!

-Prices are negotiated based on several factors: equipment, mileage, number of helpers, and delivery/travel time, and more.

Local Transportation/Hauling and Moving

The Commonwealth Estate Sales pop-up shop, “Upscale Yard Sale” is coming soon!  We may be in your favorite antique mall, at a special event, or at a local market/swap meet.  Advertising of all kinds (soda, farm, tobacco, transportation, etc…), is our specialty, especially original signs!   Plus, we will have a wide variety of other items and décor for any budget!  Call and let us know what your looking for, or if your event needs an “upscale” vendor!

“Upscale Yard Sale”

Do you or a family member have a disorganized home, attic, garage, business, basement, or storage unit full of stuff, and maybe need to sell some things?  Let us DO THE WORK FOR YOU!  With 1 or 2  person teams, we organize and provide our opinion on the value of your items.!

-1 person, up to 8 hr day $300, 4 hr. ½ day $195.

-2 person, up to 8 hr day $540, 4 hr. ½ day $375.

“Organization and Valuation” Program

LOCATEESTATESALES.COM is an ambitious project in the works to be a FREE search tool resource for local sales and auctions being held near you.  Businesses and folks hosting estate sales will be able to list their sale on the website for a nominal fee competitive or discounted vs other similar listing options.

Coming soon:

Let us find you some space and locate missing valuables (we’ll search while de-cluttering).  Or we will rearrange and clear out some unwanted clutter in your home, garage, basement, attic, business, or storage unit.  Our de-cluttering service is priced the same as our “OaV” Program.  Our de-cluttering is a cleanup focused service where we find you space making any area more livable and useful.

Find and De-clutter Service

Commonwealth Estate Sales, LLC, will organize and host your community or church yard sale bazaar.  We plan, advertise, manage, and execute the sale including finding vendors, and attracting buyers!  We also provide a service where we can sell your items at a local bazaar/market (at consignment rates) saving you time.  Plus, call about post yard sale pickups for unsold items.

Community or Church Yard/Bazaar Sales

In addition to full service estate, moving, and liquidation sales (aka tag sales), we also provide other unique  services, listed below. is our consignment service!  If you’re not necessarily selling your stuff, we can help you reorganize your collections with our “Organization and Valuation” program.  Included in our estate sale pricing is basic low-cost advertising.  We recommend our full advertising program  for just a little more.  It will increase proceeds by expanding ad reach.

Our unique services.

Services and Pricing

“Low Fee Guarantee” and “Courtesy Pricing”

Our “Low Fee Guarantee” is our pricing program where we may be able to beat any legitimate quoted pricing/fee rate (or minimum dollar amount)  you receive from a competitor for hosting an estate sale (only estate sales/commercial estate sales).  Should we accept the job, we will take a commission percentage at least 1% less than the rate shown on your quote for the exact same service(s) offered by our competitor (or our minimum fee will be at least $100 less).  This guarantee is designed for us to earn your business and for you to get the most money from your sale.

“Courtesy Pricing” is when, at our discretion, we lower the pricing/fees for any of our other services (not covered by the “Low Fee Guarantee”) to match or beat a competitor’s pricing for a comparable service.  For both “Courtesy Pricing” and the “Low Fee Guarantee”, these offers are only valid upon contract negotiation and any quotes from a competitor must be recent (within 90 days), verifiable, and the official quote must  be presented to us by you, before pricing is agreed upon.  Once a contract is already signed and in effect, fees/pricing will not be changed.

While we strive to match or beat any competitor’s price for every service we offer, in some cases, we may not be the lowest cost provider and may not be able to match or beat a competitors pricing.  No matter what, we aim to earn your business by giving you outstanding value and helpful service.  We’d like for you to recommend and refer Commonwealth Estate Sales to all of your family and friends.  Please contact us today and we’ll get started right away “simplifying life’s transitions” and making money for you!