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-”I” and/or“Us” and/or “CES”, and/or “CES, LLC”,  and/or “We”, and/or “Our” refers to Commonwealth Estate Sales, LLC .  ”You” refers to client and potential clients of Commonwealth Estate Sales, LLC.

-Prices and services offered are subject to change at any time (including negotiating prices based on exact circumstances and services rendered) solely at the discretion of CES, LLC.

-We have the right to accept or decline jobs and job offers from clients and potential clients solely at the discretion of CES, LLC without justification.

-The ”Low Fee Guarantee” is specific only to the hosting of estate sales and commercial estate sales,.  In addition, once pricing is agreed upon and a contract is in effect, we will not go back and retroactively apply any further discounts or the “Low Fee Guarantee”.  Therefore, any quotes you have from competitors must be presented before pricing and contracts are agreed upon.  Keep in mind, we cannot guarantee that we will generate more income for your estate sale (than a competitor would) because item pricing, the number of items sold, and the particular items sold may vary based on several factors.

-In some cases, for services we provide not covered by the “Low Fee Guarantee” (any services outside of estate sales or commercial estate sales), we may match or beat a competitors pricing/fees for their comparable service as a courtesy (“Courtesy Pricing”)  to customers/potential customers, solely at our discretion.

-Anytime we lower (or consider lowering) our rates or fees under the “Low Fee Guarantee” or “Courtesy Pricing”, a written quote and/or other verifiable documentation from the competitor must be provided by you or readily available upon request, and must be provided before a contract is signed and pricing is agreed upon.  As previously stated, we reserve the right to decline any job offers for any reason, including when matching or beating a competitor’s pricing/fees, it is not in our best interest to accept the job at pricing below what we find acceptable.  If we are unable to match a competitors lower pricing, we can still offer our services at the our pricing should you consider working with us.

-Any promotions or discounts offered must be presented before signing a contract and discounts and promotions will only be applied to standard pricing.  We do not allow multiple promotions or discounts to be applied to one contract or service event.

-The sole court of continuing jurisdiction for any matters involving CES, LLC, is the Chesterfield County, Virginia, General District Court..

-Insurance disclosure: When hosting estate sales or commercial estate sales on a customer’s property, we ask that the client has valid insurance for the property (homeowners or business insurance including liability insurance).  CES, LLC, will not be held liable for any incidents (negligence resulting in injuries, personal property damage, theft, or any other potential financial loss) incurred by anybody on or near the property.  CES, LLC, will make all reasonable efforts to prevent any such incidents but cannot guarantee any incidents won’t happen, and CES, LLC, will not be held responsible if any such incident occurs.  These conditions apply whether or not the client has insurance.

-Anyone attending a sale held in any regards by CES, LLC, must attend and shop at their own risk.  We are not responsible for any injuries, damages, and/or losses to persons or property .

-The same or similar terms and conditions apply to any business dealings of CES, LLC, on our accompanying websites,, and this site  Please check those sites for any differences in policies.

-We reserve the right to add or remove any “Terms and Conditions” at anytime without prior notice, at our sole discretion.

These terms and conditions apply to everyone viewing this and customers using any services of Commonwealth Estate Sales